About Suitcase Nanny

With a passion for children at a very young age, Amy Rebecca Bryant owner and founder of Suitcase Nanny, started babysitting at just 9 years old and at 18 left home in UK taking only a suitcase with her and flew to the other side of the world to become a Nanny for 3 children under 5 in Australia. Since then Amy has worked for families in the USA, UK and Dubai. Over the last 5 years, Amy has travelled extensively with these families to help and support parents when taking holidays with their children.

At 23 she decided to start The Suitcase Nanny business, educating, supporting and inspiring all Nannies and Aupairs to become the next childcare extraordinaire using her ‘Suitcase Nanny guide’. Amy also is working on the tools to help families who are wanting to find their own version of Mary Poppins by offering guides specifically tailored to finding a Nanny or Aupair.

Amy Bryant Signature

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