July 2020


As the weeks turn to months and the world continues to try and contain the spread of Coronavirus, many Travel Nannies will be questioning whether there is a future for them. I would believe due to the current global climate with such things as Covid-19 these may affect family’s capabilities to employ a Travel Nanny. However, my honest opinion is ‘Yes’ I do see there is still a future for Travel Nannies.  

In the short to mid-term it is likely only the wealthiest of families will be able to afford and need Travel Nannies due to their economic standing. This is due to their ability to be able to chop and change itineraries without any worry of hindrance.

It is likely that we are going to experience and see massive change amongst the travel industry, including the way we travel and how countries around the world react and guide people on what to do.

But in the long-term and as time passes other families will be able to warrant employing a Travel Nanny as travel will be less likely to be affected as the world moves forward.

My suggestion for any Travel Nanny who is considering taking the risk to work and travel with families is to ensure the family takes out a Travel Insurance policy that covers you for Covid-19 while away with them. 

Stay Safe.