March 2023


1. Decide what your dream Nanny job is! Grab a piece of paper and write down exactly what your dream job is. It could be that you want to work internationally in another country, or it could be you want to work close to home. Do you prefer hot or cold countries? Perhaps you have a favourite age group you prefer to care for, a maximum amount of hours you’d like to work and have a certain amount of income you’d like to earn. It could be the type of family or experience that would make the job a dream for you. Write it down and then…

2. Get Qualified! Depending on what you’ve decided to be your dream role, will determine the qualifications you need. There are many colleges that offer a variety of childcare courses and distance learning and you will be able to quickly determine which ones would suit you. Families do prefer a Nanny who has a recognised childcare qualification as it shows a passion and willingness to undertake training. 100% you need to have been DBS checked and complete a Pediatric First Aid course. These two things are vital to get established at a Nanny agency.

3. Create a Nanny portfolio! Ensure you have a stand out CV with all the correct details added, if you are unsure on how to set it out you can find my CV template here. Although it isn’t common in the UK to have a photo attached to your CV, many Nanny agencies do request one so make sure to take a clear, head shot of yourself – Remember more than likely this photo will be the first thing the family see’s, so make sure it’s appropriate. Gather your certificates and qualifications together in a folder and take clear photographs or scan them onto a computer. Your Nanny portfolio needs to remain updated throughout your career so that when agencies request your documents and details you have them ready. Remember the more prepared you are for interview, the higher your chances for securing your dream role quickly.

4. Network and Apply! Connect with other nannies online already in the industry, especially with those already in positions you’d like to be in. So many Nannies are willing to help others get connected with a job that truly fulfills them. Not only that, the nannies already in positions may know other families who are looking for someone. Research and contact the agencies that deal with the type of position you want, take a look at the vacancies on their website and star the ones that interest you.

5. Go where that job is! If you’re not already packing your suitcase ready to start your new position and you’re still struggling to get interviews, maybe you need to take the leap and move to that different state/city in order to secure a role. Many families would prefer face to face interviews and by you making the effort to go where that job is (before you’ve got the job) it makes you look even more enthusiastic about wanting THAT job.

If you’re still stuck, purchase my ‘Travel Nanny E-book’ for more in-depth help into finding your dream Nanny job.