How to decide whether hiring a Nanny is best for you and your child

When it comes to childcare, how do you decide if hiring a Nanny or using a daycare is the best option for your child/children? Suitcase Nanny tells all about the benefits of hiring a Nanny.

Nannies come with a wealth of information and will either have experience and/or qualifications that enable them to provide excellent care for your child. Some Nannies will have gained all their experience after working for many years with families first hand whereas other nannies may have studied or be new to Nanny life and taken courses to broaden their knowledge before taking that first position.

To list a few Nanny duties:

  • Be aware of educational and development milestones for each child and ensure your child is properly stimulated throughout the day
  • Nannies sometimes take on Nursery related duties (taking care of child’s clothes, meal prep, tidying of child’s spaces)
  • Ensure the safety of your child at all times when on duty
  • Work alongside other household staff members when needed including chefs/housekeepers/drivers
  • Arrange playdates/educational classes and activities that will benefit your child
  • Liaise with parents regularly to ensure everyone has the same common goals for the child

Benefits of hiring a Nanny

First of all, you get to know the Nanny as a person and in your own time which will enable you to build trust with this person. Having a Nanny in your home also allows you to keep an eye on her and your child. Some families choose to have Nanny cams fitted in their home so they can check up on their house while they are away or at work, this gives some parents peace of mind and sense of security when leaving someone alone with their child. When hiring a Nanny from an agency, in most cases you would not need to do background checks as the agency would have completed this all for you. Most Nannies that are found through an agency are required to have a minimum level of childcare experience, CRB check and first aid certificates. While having a Nanny and it being a professional role in some cases families do start to think of the Nanny as part of their family however you need to keep in mind that you are their employer and this is their job and so maintaining that balance of professional and personal boundaries is important to avoid conflict.

Key points of hiring a Nanny include:

  • Solely focused care for your child/children, your Nanny can then focus on the exact needs of your child individually and attend to them efficiently and attentively
  • Children will have a strong attachment to their Nanny and feel safe and secure with another person other than their parents, parents can feel reassured their child is being taken care by someone who loves them as much as they do
  • Trust issues are higher due to that personal working relationship between Nanny and the family
  • Routines can be tailored to each child being taken care of
  • Nannies will try and make the child’s day as productive as possible
  • Nannies can teach your child a language, many families now opt for a Nanny that speaks several languages
  • Nannies sort schedules and routines for the child so parents can have peace of mind that their child is being fully stimulated throughout the day and is sleeping/eating correctly
  • Nannies can create healthy meal plans for the child
  • Due to the nature of Nannies working relationship with the family, they often help out and do extra hours when needed and can be on call for if emergencies arise subject to contract agreement
  • Any issues or problems that arise with childcare can be discussed and amended quickly due to the personal relationship
  • As the Nanny will be working in the family home parents have more opportunities to fit in seeing their child more often around their schedule. For example, if parents come home during lunch breaks they get to see their child, this is harder to do if the child is in a daycare centre.
  • Having a Nanny will also help your child become familiar with other people. When your Nanny takes the child to classes and activities outside the home your child will be constantly interacting with other children/caregivers.

So, the only thing to do now if you are thinking of hiring a Nanny is finding the best one suitable for your family’s needs.

Register with Suitcase Nanny here and let us show you how we can help to find the best Nanny for your family. We have a guide specifically tailored to ‘hiring a Nanny’ which gives a lot of advice, guidance and information that will reassure you that choosing a Nanny is the right thing for your family.

Please note Suitcase Nanny will not find you a Nanny but will give you the guidance needed for finding the right one.

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