Every year for the last five years I have celebrated my birthday in different countries all over the world. I have been able to do this due to my job as a Travel Nanny. This year for my birthday I have ended up in Dubai. I was lucky to enough to have my best friend come out to Dubai the day before my birthday who happened to be coming for a work project. I decided that due to my location there was no better way than to spend my 23rd birthday with my best friend other than trekking through the desert on camels.

The camel trekking safari that we booked included transfers to and from our pickup location, a 45-minute camel ride through the desert, sunset barbecue dinner and belly dancing entertainment into the evening.

How many times in your life can you say that you were able to spend such a special occasion, riding camels, watching the sunset and exploring one of the most spectacular environments on the planet and the whole time being accompanied by your best friend? My birthday this year was really special and I felt like turning 23 was another great milestone in my life. I do miss being able to spend it with my family in the UK and see them on my birthday but I know that they love seeing me doing the things I enjoy and creating memories I will treasure for a lifetime.

So much fun!

It isn’t the first time I have rode a Camel, I remember riding my first Camel in Egypt while on holiday with my parents and brother, I was probably about 10 years old. Camels are funny things the way they get up and get down so when your sat on one you really have to lean back and hold on otherwise you would roll straight over the top of its head. This is always the funniest and scariest part, but once you’re up and on it, it is so much fun!

Such a treasured memory and riding a Camel is a must on your bucket list!!!

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