How to decide whether hosting an Aupair in best for your family

Many families choose to host Aupairs rather than hiring a Nanny because of the low cost.  Aupairs are seen as temporary family members who you pay a stipend for (pocket money) because they care for your child/children.

The pros of hosting an Aupair:

  • Cultural exchange – Your family will get to know more about another country and other cultures, this also will benefit your child and raise their cultural awareness and tolerance.
  • Low cost – Hosting an Aupair is more affordable than hiring a Nanny or paying for your child to attend Nursery.
  • Flexible time – As the Aupair lives with your family you have the flexibility to assign childcare related tasks when you need them to fit around your schedule staying within the maximum allowed number of working hours.
  • General duties – The Aupair can do light household chores and help around the house which enables you to spend more time with your children after a busy day at work.
  • Another language – Many Aupairs come from other cultural backgrounds and speak other languages and so your family could have the chance to learn another language by hiring a native speaker.
  • The length of time an Aupair can stay – Aupairs can stay for up to two years on an Aupair exchange program visa (this may vary based on location) which gives your child reassurance and a long enough time to create a bond with that person.

The cons of hosting an Aupair:

  • Loss of privacy – An Aupair lives in your home and this will have an influence on your privacy, you definitely get to know each other quicker and have to be open-minded and understanding of someone else’s personal habits.
  • Living costs – When you host an Aupair this means there is an extra person in your home and so you have to be prepared for your bills to increase such as phone, fuel, water, food, heating and electricity costs. Also, you would need to pay the Aupairs share if you go out for lunch, on activities or outings or on holiday.
  • It’s not a professional childcare – The main aim of the Aupair program is the cultural exchange so many Aupairs don’t have professional experience or formal training of looking after children, they have usually just done some babysitting or helped other siblings.
  • Cultural gap – It can take a while for Aupairs to get used to a difference in the country, rule change, a different environment, laws and cuisine. An Aupair can feel homesick also so you have to be understanding. It can take a while for your child/children to accept a new person in their life. Also, you could struggle with communication if your Aupair is not fluent in your native language.
  • Other considerations – As a host family you will need to provide the correct documents to the Aupair agency, pay for visas, flights, boarding etc. and have a big enough house where you can accommodate an Aupair properly.

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