What you need:

  • Half a bagel
  • Peanut butter or honey
  • Bird seed
  • String

You will need to help your child cut a bagel in half. After that, get them to spread peanut butter or honey evenly on one side of the bagel.

Then, pour bird seed on top of the peanut butter/honey so it sticks and covers the spread.

Cut a piece of string, long enough to be tied around the hole of the bagel and tie a knot in the top.

Once you have done this, all that’s left to do is to find a tree outside to hang it on.

Watch the birds fly in to peck at the yummy treat you have made for them!

Top tip – While making the bird feeder with your children, it’s a nice idea to get a bird book, look at the pictures and talk about the types of birds you might see in your garden.

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