As a Nanny myself I find this a touchy subject. Yes, this scenario is real and happens more often than not.

I can see where parents are coming from with this, they pay a lot of money for someone to come to their home and take care of their child but if the child is asleep… parents often tell themselves that their child’s caregiver isn’t really working and they won’t count it in the Nanny’s weekly hours.

Believe it or not parents, your Nanny/babysitter is not doing ‘nothing’, they are taking care of your child. Your child needs to be taken care of even when asleep otherwise you wouldn’t have hired someone in the first place. What if that child wakes up?  What if there is an emergency?  That is what your Nanny/babysitter is paid for.

If it is seen as doing ‘nothing’ then that Nanny/babysitter would be allowed to leave the child unattended to go and do her/his own thing.

To not count their working hours when your child is sleeping is insulting, considering the reason they are a part of your child’s life is that you need/want the extra help and that is their profession.  This also applies to night Nannies, when the Nanny is allowed to sleep while on night watch, particularly when a baby monitor is on this should also be counted as work.

Even though your Nanny and baby are sleeping, your Nanny still has a monitor on to enable them to hear and listen to the movement of your child during the night. I can assure you when this is the case your Nanny does not get a peaceful and completely rested night’s sleep whether your child slept through the entire night or didn’t. Your Nanny is still conscious and aware of her own sleep and of your baby whether the Nanny and baby sleep in the same room or separate rooms.

When you hand over the responsibility of your child, whether it is while they are awake or asleep and they are needed to watch a baby monitor or listen out of for your child, your Nanny/babysitter is on duty and supervising your child whether you like it or not.

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