Traveling with car seats

When Traveling with children one of the most essential items to consider is a car seat. The right car seat is designed to keep your child safe, comfortable, and secure during travel. It can be a daunting experience when it comes to deciding on whether to bring your own car seat with you on holiday or to hire one, and then of course there’s the option of being able to bring it aboard the plane.

Bringing car seats on the airplane

When it comes to bringing a car seat on an airplane, there are different options to consider, including carrying it on the plane or checking it in as luggage. Carrying a car seat onboard the plane is the recommended option as it allows you to not only ensure your Childs safety during the flight but is also a fantastic way to get them to sleep. You would be required to reserve a seat for your child and in some cases, pay a reduced fare.

The transportation security administration (TSA) requires children under 12 to remove their shoes when going through airport security, and this is no different for children sitting in car seats. It is advisable to prepare them for this in advance so that they are not upset during the security check-in process.

Sometimes airlines have different requirements regarding car seats in airplanes, and it is essential to check the specific rules of your airline. You must ensure your carseat has the FAA approval seal, which means it meets the federal aviation administration’s safety standards. Further, seats must fit aircraft seats and fit snugly, and you should refer to the airlines approved measurements to determine an appropriate-sized seat. Ensure you carry the car seat certification with you to avoid any confusion.

Best ways to travel with a car seat in an airport

Carrying a car seat in an airport can be challenging, given its weight, size, and how to navigate through crowds. Here are some tips on the best way to travel with car seats in an airport;

  1. Use a car seat transporter: A car seat transporter is an excellent tool for parents and nannies making it easier for you to move through the airport with a car seat. Transporters are easy to use and can be folded quickly to fit into overhead compartments.
  2. Use an airport trolley: Most airports offer free trolleys for passengers to use, making it convenient to transport care seats. Suppose you do not want to spend on additional travel gear. In that case, airport trolleys are an excellent option for carrying your car seat.
  3. Use a car seat Travel bag: This is an excellent way to protect your car seat from damage and wear when traveling. A car seat travel bag is a specially designed bag that can accommodate a car seat in a suitable manner, make it easy to carry, and prevent scratches while transporting through the airport.
  4. Consider purchasing the Doona car seat. The Doona car seat, is a carseat which has hidden wheels underneath that pop out and turns it into a pram as soon as you take it out of the car.

Traveling with a car seat in an airport can be challenging, but it is important to ensure your child’s safety. Bringing a carseat on an airplane requires careful consideration, and parents must understand the specific rules for their airline. By following the guidelines and using the tips provided, parents can easily navigate through airports and ensure their child’s safety when traveling by air with a car seat.