The Magic of Baby Massage


Download here an Infant Massage and Yoga Guide for all Nannies and parents.

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Before performing baby massage and if you haven’t already then please read the blog ‘Infant massage and yoga’ on our website, this gives you information on why and how infant massage benefits your baby, the right products to use and how to do a patch test correctly. It also explains when the best times to massage your baby is and when you should not massage a baby.

Massaging your baby is such a special practice for you and your partner to bond with your little one; or if you’re a Nanny, it’s a special way to bond with the infant/toddler in your care. Infant massage has many benefits such as, improving weight gain, aiding digestion, improving circulation and can ease teething pain.

It is also an incredible way to soothe your baby and support them to sleep. Infant massage helps relieve issues with your baby’s sinuses, for example if they have a cold or stuffy nose and can also aid babies who are suffering with colic.


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